Friday, February 18, 2011

The Latest Wacky Cold Frame Idea, I Thought About This While Reading a Seed Catalog

You know what is so cool about learning to be more self sufficient? When you dream up an idea, and you try it, if it doesn't work, you can shrug your shoulders and say oh well. Basically leave it at that....

Okay, so there I was sitting on the thrown reading a seed catalog, when I saw those heated mats for seedlings. SO I think that planted the seed for the base of this idea. Monday of this week, I spent the day removing ice that had damned itself 8 inches thick over the edge of the roof causing water to leak down through the new picture window. SO I decided to go purchase some roof heat cables to make sure it didn't happen again.

Well than I discovered the gutters had clogged, which caused the damning in the first place. I cleaned out the gutters, and thought well that solved that problem.

I have been thinking about my cold frame, and how to make it better and work for me earlier in the year.

Then that evening, I sat back on the thrown, reading the same catalog once again, I am planning my garden soon, and hoping spring will come sooner. Than like a divine intervention, it hit me like a ton of bricks!!!

Getting the idea yet?

SO there it was, a plan to do it... What????

Okay, if you understand how a cold frame works, great, if you don't check out a previous blogg on my cold frame. My cold frame

SO, I decided I would take the cables from the roof, and weave them into the soil of my cold frame so they will provide root growth and added warmth to help the plants grow. How simple is that?????

The cables are 100% water proof, and soft enough to be bent close together. With the added insulation inside my cold frame, this should help the plants to not freeze during winter. The added heat will also melt the snow on the windows so that I won't have to go out there every time it snows.

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