Monday, February 21, 2011

Middle East And Self Sufficiency, What Is Happening? Are You Ready!!!

As many of you know, I am not at all one to start a post about the ends times of conspiracy theories or from the biblical perspective. So what is going on in the times? Has the biblical predictions from the Bible come true?  Has the Incas calendar also given us the date 21 Dec 2012 as the last days?

What ever is going to happen, is going to do just that, happen. With the world as it is today, I am not shocked by everything that is happening. However, I have always suspected that I may need my live off the land and fend for myself/family might come in handy. I always thought we would some how live a remote plane crash, living for years till discovered by a drone or something. I also thought perhaps a Mad Max type thing might happen while we were over seas or caught off guard in a distance land. So I really never thought that my skills may be needed seriously in this life time. 

So here we are today, years of learning to live, grow, harvest, fish, hunt and the skills needed to live a Swiss Family Robinson type of life style. In truth, I am not sure where all this stuff is going in the world. I really have no clue at all. I do know that I am happy with my ability to survive in many more conditions than the rest of the general world, where kids don't even know what a potato looks like or their parents don't know how to grow!!!

What are you doing to get ready for your future?

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