Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reclamation & Salvage Yards, We Need More Here In The USA, Find Treasure!!

Whether you’re after lighting, tiles, bricks, ironwork or other elements of a home and garden, salvage/reclamation yards is the perfect places to track down what you need – plus plenty you’ve never even dreamed of. Adding to your own style by adding decor that speaks "you" from another time era.

Rummaging around salvage/reclamation yards is a greate way to shop for your home. Instead of being thrown away, the building materials and contents from old houses and other buildings have been saved so they can become part of the fabric or interior of a different building – a green solution to improving your home.

Using pieces that don’t have the shine of newness will also give your house character, and you can bet you won’t go round to friends and find they’ve got exactly the same piece when you shop this way rather than on the high street.

Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion: for salvage/reclamation yards this means putting on boots and gloves so you can have a good look around.You may get a bargain, or the opportunity to ask for a better price if you’re buying lots at one go. However, be aware that in this case secondhand doesn’t necessarily equal cheap. Age and character can come at a cost.

At salvage/reclamation yards you can buy everything from the smallest finishing details for your home, such as door furniture, to building materials like roof tiles and timber flooring.

Consider looking for buys like: Fireplaces, Tile, Stained glass, Bricks, Garden statues, Lighting, Furniture, Radiators, Doors, Door knobs, Kick plates, Fireplace inserts, and the list goes on and on...

Keep an eye out too for interesting re-uses of original pieces – for example, mirrors made from sash windows. Or, if you want to give a dining area character, why not think about using church chairs or pews, both of which are plentiful. And if you want a custom feel in your home or garden, old signs and even classic wooden benches can be tracked down.

In Europe, there are these yards everywhere, and here in the US are some place like Habitat For Humanity and few odd and ends small stores. I think it would be great to have a store like this for every city that has a population over 1,000... Even a store hub in major locations would be great. It would be nice to take in some stuff we want to recycle, get a little cash, and bring home some great stuff..

Maybe I should start a small chain store like this, got junk is everywhere now and it started with just a handful of people and an idea of recycling goods to make money....

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