Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Hunt, Pass The Powder Please....

The first season of black powder rifle hunting is now open. With a left handed 50 caliber in my hand I climb the hillside just feet away from my back porch to sit in or sometimes near my hunting stand to wait for the large herd of local deer to come around.

Because of the bear activity this year, I am cautious about entering into the woods so quietly, yet trying to be quiet enough not to spook the deer or it will be an all day wait. The damp nights have softened the leaves making my steps into the woods much quieter.So I offer up a few grunts not to draw in bucks because I can only kill Does right now. But rather startle a bear if they are near.. 

Out of all the different styles of hunting, I like the hunt using my black powder muzzle loader. Although it is a dieing style of hunting, no other style gives me the pleasure that I get when hunting. I often feel like it is a more even style of hunting rather than having a scope.

In years past, I had often toyed with the idea of tanning my hides without any direct action to do it and make it a practical self sufficient skill. However I am considering doing just that this year.

As the Crows have come back from the heat of summer, the smell of the morning fall is a welcomed smell as the cold morning air brings a chill to my bones as I tighten up my jacket. It is wonderful to see the sun rise from behind the mountains. These are just season reason why I have moved back to the country away from the big city.

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  1. Good luck hunting, we have been several times already and havent got anything. Its archery season here. I am ready for black powder season in a few weeks.


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