Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Organic Materials, Labor Free...

Keeping up with the Jones, well that has benefits that I like...

Most suburbs have little trees, then comes country suburbs where they have trees but have a desire to keep their lawns spotless and perfect. In my neck of the woods, where the Deer Tick thrives, get rid of leaves has medical purposes.

Often along the side of the road of the country suburbs you will see a deer that was killed, so we know they travel there. So bagging up the leaves might get rid of a few ticks or more as well as keeping your lawn and house looking good.

I like those large, cheap paper leaf bags sold by stores... They are a good way to condition my eyes in the evenings while rolling through the local suburbs, makes me look for that color in the evening sun. So as I drive around looking for bags sat on the side I think about how easy it is to gather these bags up than to offer to rake other peoples yards to gather the compost material up.

Trailer in tow, I ride out to fill and stack it with these brown bags filled with others leaves. I get a few dog turds from time to time, but generally just leaves. I always knock on the door and ask, but if no answer, I gather them up.

The second load tonight....

I even have then doubled stacked in the back part of the trailer.....

Most people dispose of the bags and buy them knowing they are a one time use thing... However some people would rather hang onto them and think they have something on you and want you to rake their yard to fill the bags, hold your breathe on that one.. Nope I just roll on and keep finding the ones that people set out on the street, and smile and wave at the folks who think their leaves are so badly needed by me...

However, there is a way to reach out to folks that are filling those bags. There are people now that email me this time of year to give me their leaves that they didn't sit on the side of the road, but saved them for me.

So I give everyone a free bag with a MP card and a little note about why I took/needed their leaves. I find that giving something back is generally a very welcomed and surprise for those folks. It is good because it helps build relationships/friendships, and I like networking whenever I can.

It's also a kind gesture....


  1. I really think that this is a fantastic idea for a number of reasons: 1) you are providing a service to them free of charge and unbeknownst to many, they are providing a service to you free of charge other than your time to gather up the bags. 2)You are making use of a natural resource with no adverse affects to the environment. and 3)Leaving your calling card along with a fresh bag is an excellent way to promote your services as well as promote the Modern Pioneer way of life. Excellent article.

  2. Modern Pioneer~ I've been snatching up leaf bags for years, never thought to share why! Thanks, dude, as usual, you are on it!!

  3. Great idea, Jason! I am amazed at your energy and how much you get done. This is an awesome way to promote your blog. I'm not familiar with these bags. I'm in a neighborhood of small lots where everyone except me and my neighbor C.L. has gardeners to blow their leaves (the loud gas blowers are illegal, but they don't get prosecuted, so they all use them anyway - very annoying) which go into the composting bins picked up by the city every week. As for my leaves, I'm going to leave them where they fall, but if there were deer ticks here, I'd pick them up! - Great post! - Kaye

    1. I also think it's about time I started my own compost. Do you have a post on that? I have a round bin that I bought 5 years ago and never used. People tell me they aren't so good. If you don't have space for an open pit, do your recommend the bins? - Kaye