Sunday, October 28, 2012

Holding a Value System For Everything Homesteading

As a Homesteader, I find that there are many different challenges to life that are expected and there are the ones that people just don't think it is going to happen to them. When they do, they almost always catch us off guard. Sometimes when our plate is already filled, it piles a little higher. Just when you get the plate clean and everything seems to be going well, it hits us like a lead balloon.

Many years ago I adopted many ways of life that could be considered Pagan and perhaps a little Hippy and over the top with Earthly love of the world and for others. That word "others" pertained only to those who were my friends and swung my way. If you weren't in with me, than you weren't part of my life and so I didn't care about you.

As I got older, I started to understand more about my way of thinking of life and all that is in this world. I began to go back to church. As I live my life now, headed to whatever comes my way, I find that keeping a value system in place keeps a balance in my life.

Many things I do I work close to God and all that he has blessed me with. People might not understand this part of me. There are many others just like me, people who love others, love the earth, respect animals and humans alike, and love the Lord for many reasons.

There is a value system for me, everything has value. From weeds, plants, trees, insects, animals and other humans male and female alike. I do my best to start with a heart of love, a heart filled with understanding... At times this seems like the hardest thing for me to do, but I do try.

The reason I am mentioning this in a blog because while your riding with me, remember you are riding with me... I have a value system and a balance of love for everyone and everything including God.

If your here just for the pioneering self sufficient ideas your gonna have to take my love for the Lord as well or you might leave me like a bad habit. Either way you decide, I am not going to change who I am or anything about me for you. These are my pages and I am glad your here, but don't tell me to stop mentioning the Lord from time to time.

This is a package deal, take me as I am....


  1. I was hoping you would mention something about this. I happened to see the comments on a post that may have prompted this post, and my first reaction was to go off on the person(s). But then I realized that it wouldn't do a thing to change their minds/attitude about God, and I also didn't want to disrespect you by going off in your comments! Anyway, Thanks, and God Bless. :)

  2. Amen brother! No apologies and no excuses.

  3. And this post is the reason, besides your zuke/sausage muffins, I've begun to follow you. Lord bless for your forthright stand.

  4. I too have had a few unsubscribe from my site based upon my religious and/or political beliefs, I hate to offend, but It is a part of who I am, and if I want to share something on my site, I will. You have a great website, that I am proud to be able to read. Keep up the good work, and don't let the haters and trolls keep you from sharing what you think is important.