Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Self Sufficient Protection..... Shots Fired.... You Decide!

Before I explain to you what happened, I want to touch on a few things and I do not advise you to do what I am about to share as there could be jail time and arrest made. In this case, nobody was hurt and both parties decided not to follow up with calling the police.

I know a story that has be recently told in a small circle of friends of mine, and thou I am blogging it, the names and the people involved will forever remain ghost to you and to law enforcement.

Personal property isn't worth killing a human over, but what if it meant protecting more than property? What if it was some of your stored food? What if you had some emergency supplies located in the same area? Is it worth the confrontation? What if the law was called and serous charges were banked up by the DA?

It was late evening, and winter was just coming in, and the night air was chilled in the 30's. A noise was heard near an outbuilding, and than voices were heard.... Joe (made up name) heard the noise and knew that one of his out buildings was being broken into. Joe goes into his house and grabs one of his shot guns and makes his way to the building were he heard the noise, then he hears then talking... Joe shouts, hey what are you doing? The men dash into the wood line, run for a short distance... Joe decides to fire his weapon, not once, but twice.... While waiting, Joe shouts and points a flashlight into the woods, saying if they come back he will kill them, and how he is a crazy hillbilly not a redneck and that sort of stuff... Meanwhile the men in the woods get scared, Joe fires more shots, and he sees them run deeper in the woods and can hear them getting hurt while the small branches smack them in the face and they run scared of being shot... joe even says he saw on trip and fall, but kept yelling stuff...

Joe said he saw one of them, dead in the face, and knew what he was up to. There has been a long time label made on this guy, even (I) am aware of it.

So, they never returned again..... But here is what Joe told me after he told me the story....

Joe said that he knew them alright, and decided to send them a serous message, one they wouldn't forget anytime soon.... Joe said he had fired the shots into the air over the area where they had hid in the woods. As the pellets fell back to earth, he shouted, firing two shots into the bank to make them think he was shooting at them.... As the second shots fired up came down on them, they did a jump and ran, this time hitting branches and falling.... Never to return again...

Joe returned back to the building to find a window screen pried off and a screw driver that didn't belong to him. Weeks later Joe said a few of his neighbors have since put an outside light on buildings and he continues to live without worry...


  1. Hmmm, this makes one think...would I shoot to kill...someone over replaceable objects? Probably not. Shoot to scare? Definitely. Would I shoot to kill...to save me and mine? Without a doubt..if we were in danger.

  2. I'm not sure where this happened (assuming PA), but I don't know of any DA worth his law degree that would bring charges on someone for defending his property. Stealing is stealing. You should never be afraid of, ashamed of, or reluctant to defend your life, property, or the lives and property of those around you--an armed society is a polite society. Around my parts we often joke that a lock just keeps honest people honest, but Eliphalet Remington and Samuel Colt reminds them to say please and thank you.

  3. Numerous states have "make my day" laws, which include the right to shoot anyone trying to injure your property (provided it is ON your property or is the land itself). No DA would prosecute in a situation like that.


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