Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Space, A Sharing Idea, A Self Sufficient Idea, Your Thoughts?

Recently I have purchased a new commercial building for both of my businesses. After a couple months of retro fitting the new building, we moved. Doing this has freed up a great space.

The space is located on my property and I use one half for my tractor and gardening stuff. We also use the space to make our maple syrup. The other side is just being used as storage. So, after some thinking, I really want to clean the space up and make a couple small rooms and offer it out for rent as a self sufficient cabin retreat for people to come visit use here on the homestead as well as to hunters. We are located 9 miles from some of the riches state game lands in this area.

I think that renting it out, sharing and working with people and sharing my lifestyle with them is a great way to share and spread the joys and comforts of living like I do. There is power to the building, and it is insulated, lights as well as a pretty big space measuring 14 x 35. With great views of the woods from one direction, and a dairy farm at the bottom of the valley, it has some great views.

Thinking of offering a gas grill to cook on, and keeping it primitive will allow folks to step outside of the rat race for a spell and enjoy country living at it finest.

It would be great to get people to come and work together in the garden, sharing my food with them as well as working on projects, and maintenance on that building. With a fishing pond, a canoe and half a mountain to run around on, kids would have a ball too.

What do you think or what are your ideas on this space? Help me with some ideas or what would you do?

Steve has given me a free corn stove, so I will put that in there for a source of heat... 

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