Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seeds Sit and Rot While The Rain Keeps Coming, Bored of Rain

First, I hold all those families in/near or being effected by the flood in my prayers.

It is true it has been a while since I have posted, and in truth I have been busy with other things other than my homestead. Although, it is true that I have many projects in the making, I finished a few of them including the mushrooms as you know.

I also made some small climbing trellises for veggies in the garden. I copied something I saw for sale some years ago, and found them to be small than the ones I made a few years ago. They are easy to move, and made them from cedar planks that were above my shop.

We have yet to plant the garden and get that going. I went to the mill today for some supplies only to find onion and tater seeds being sorted as more than 60% were rotting. There isn't many odors more awful than either of those two. John is upset by the loss, as are the farmers I was told.

Some farmers have had just enough time between the rain to drop a plow in and get that done. I have seen no fields that have been disced yet this year.

I have done yet another project I need to share with you as well soon, as soon as I can get out and shoot some frames.

I had set my garlic/onions/taters prior to all this rain. I do have small plants ready to go in soon. I also have currents (red/black) as well as cherries coming in now!! YIPPY!!

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