Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Working The Soil In The Garden, Blight Warning!!

I have been working the soil in the garden for four years now, and its starting to get just where I want it. I would like it less clumpy reason the I added gypsum to break down the clay. I also have added tons of stuff to make new soil to grow plants. The fact that I see Robins in there almost all day long tells me there is plenty of worms in there.

Now, if you happened to get the blight as I did last year, remember not to plant your tomatoes in the same spot for the next 2 years. The blight spores are holding in the soil and it takes some time to kill them off. If you plant same place again than your maters will certainly be affected again this year by the blight and you will be passing it down wind. I was nothing less than disgusted last year when the plants I worked so hard to raise were killed. I was ill prepared last year and by the time I had educated myself, my plants were already starting to die.

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