Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting Started

I have been keeping a journal for almost a year now. Being that there has been so much interest in my choice of lifestyle, I decided to start a blog. I try not to candy coat or fib, but present what I do and am doing so that several points get across. Those two points are critical as to learn from what works and what doesn't. So by trying new ways and old ways, reporting back what mistakes I made and what went right.

My name is Jason, I'm 39, and we have moved back home to the country to start my life as I was raised, country living at it's finest. At 14 I was forced to move to the city because we lost our farm. I remember how excited I was to move there, no more riding through Flood control to go to the store, no more milking Goats, no more waking up so early feeding pigs, no more clean animal pens, no more 2 mile walks to the bus stop.

It was all the Newlywed phase kind of stuff, then when I realized I didn't fit in, no one dressed like me, and other boys were into skate boarding, surfing, drinking beer, putt-putt and riding bikes. I like to ride bikes, make and play bows and arrows, climb trees, camp out and fish along river banks. In anger of feeling alone, I realized everything I valued in my life was gone. No more going to the feed store, raising animals, country living and living on the farm and with wild/farm animals. Everything I knew and taught to love was replaced by car horns, smog, fights, people to much in a hurry to help out, disconnection, convenience and a lower quality standard of living.  

I loved that farm, sure I didn't always like the work. But looking back at it now, it has kinda defined me as a man in many ways. I spent 21 years working my way back to living in the country, and I decided to take on living as self sufficient as I can.

Almost four years ago, my wife and I drove from Newport News VA to here looking for a home in the country. Went and saw many homes, but this little farmer built rancher sat on the side of the mountain, had five acres, and a fishing pond. My wife is from England, and she also was raised on a farm.

The front steps to the house were falling down, the well water was bad, and there was water leaking into the basement. The house had been on the market for 1 1/2 years, so we put in an offer $73,000.00 less than the asking price. Next day, with some hand money, the house was ours.

We scrambled back to NN V.A. to get our house on the market, sell it, move the family and business. Wow, we sure took on a lot stress!!!


  1. I think that I was a pioneer woman in another life, so I can relate! lol! I wish things were like they used to be, it was hard work but so worth it! I loved your story and only wish I could do the same! So glad you are living your dream!

  2. Great start. I hope you keep up the blog

  3. Bravo! You had enough heart and good sense to go back to where you were more peaceful. It's so hard to find peace in city life. I was born and raised in the city but lived in Virginia for a while and loved living in the country. I may end up back in Virginia myself if it's God's will for my life.